Friday, March 23, 2007

Take my soul

Take my soul
It’s all I’ve got to give

But you turn your head
And prepare to live

I stand with my soul in my hands
Its light is fading and so’s my life

But you’re blind and you are deaf
You hear none and don’t see my pain

So here I am, dying again
I look at your retreating back

And whisper slowly before I fade
“What more you want?”

But you’re blind and you are deaf
You hear none and don’t see my pain

You walk away without a glance
And you don’t see me slowly fade


Pain! Is all I feel
Griping tight with claws of steel
It hurts my eyes with unshed tears
It stabs my soul with ghostly spears

I think I’ve lost this game of live and dye
I think I’m dead from this goodbye
My heart is numb, it won’t beat
Lost in this darkness, wanting to bleed

Hope! I have none left
Grasping weakly for more air
It hurts my lungs with every breath
And I beseech for closer death

You killed my dreams with just one phrase
You ruined my world with your last gaze
Now here I lie upon this ruin
Lost in this keen

The fallen queen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Letter To Myself

If I ever saw your face
I would probably loose it in the crowd

We’ve spent a lifetime together
And still
At times I don’t know your name

Your thoughts seem strange to my heart
And yet, they are my own.

Your feelings strong and unrestrained
They scare me like an ocean’s wave
For deep inside I see in them
Emotions that I feel everyday

But I’ve put a rotten lock on them,
For I’m afraid of what they whisper in my ear
Of things they urge me to do.

For I’m not you, so carefree and rash
I am me

And even though I look at you and I see me
I know that you’re not real
A mere illusion for my mind

So similar and dear
And yet so distant and unknown

You are not me for I’m not you
I’m simply me - a mere illusion to the world.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Downing the last drop of blood
I shed my tears and tore my mask
I ‘m who I am there’s no regret
I don’t blame you I blame the fates

Lost in this tale of dark and death
I feel the human’s final breath
The hope is gone, there’s no way back
What’s left? A shadow not a man